swapmeatboxartSwap Meat (2016)    [publisher: Horrible Vacuum]

A “word-movie” written for a publishing house that specializes in the literary equivalent of the b-movie, complete with high concepts, horrible puns, and VHS-inspired cover design.

marketing text:

Heh hoo hee hee hee heh heh huh! The tiny town of Lake Labinnac has a secret... and that secret is bargains! The locals are friendly and eager to meat you! Join thrift-seekers Brandt and Mallysa on the browsing adventure of a lifetime as they visit the SWAP MEAT, where bargains could cost... an arm and a leg! Like, literally!


Cover image for The Spirit Left Me The Spirit Left Me (2014)    [free download]

A collection of short fiction, amusements, monsters, ghosts and other assorted nonsense by Michael Van Vleet. Contains illustrations courtesy of contributing artists: Amy Earles, Andrew Goldfarb, Aleks Sennwald, Amanda Summers, and Pete Toms.

What the critics are saying:

"We find that the spectacle of horror is incompatible with the banality of the day to day. Van Vleet is tickled at the notion of Werewolf dating, or vampire street fights, both perfectly normal yet self-negating aspects of scary stories. The feeling is infectious." - VK

"[The Spirit Left Me is] written by someone whose brain seems to move like a dart thrown by someone who's not drunk off his ass: quick and accurate and maybe a little pitying of the other guy, whose score is six and who just peed his pants again. It's just really effin' good, okay." - ML

Read the book online at Scribd and if you like, you can rate the book on GoodReads.

me_and_what_armyMe And What Army (2009)   [free download]

A collection of short fiction: strange military-themed works featuring giant ants, laser guns, blood, and cursing. Also, scans of a set of odd postcards the author sent to his girlfriend at her place of work, written in character as if from a soldier in a strange war.

Read the book online at Scribd and if you like, you can rate the book on GoodReads.