A Fun Quiz for Friends

This is just a bit of fun! Copy and paste for your friends. Can you fill this out honestly? 

Last time you were kissed: Today
Have you ever held hands during a fireworks show?   Yes
Favorite song: “Hey Ya”
Have you ever traveled out of your country? Yes
Have you ever felt a pressure pushing in on the walls of the world from some cold other place?   Yes
Favorite kind of music: The haunting music, a humming from the stars, getting ever closer
Can you hear me? Can you hear me calling from this dark place?   Yes
Favorite color: A color I can’t name. Words fail.
Cats or dogs? It is all beasts. It has all names.
Can you help? No
When’s the last time you had a crush? The pressure is unbearable.
Can you help? Yes. Yes, I can help. I can share the message. I can quiet the humming. I will let everyone know.


True friends will copy & paste & tag [all] people so they can fill this out as well! Fun!