Blending In

“I have also heard that one of us may be an alien, friend. Do you suppose it might be Carl? Note how he tugs his skeleton around with paired muscle sets. It’s weird, right?”

“Look, if one of us is an alien, then we all need to be tested. So let’s just line up in order by saliva color and we’ll get this figured out!”

“I can’t believe Carl wasn’t an alien. I thought for sure that an alien would definitely say ‘You guys don’t seriously think it’s me, do you? It’s obviously THAT GUY! Did you not just hear what he said about my skeleton?’ Just like Carl said. That just sounds so much like what an alien would say. Oh well.”

“I know we’re all under a lot of stress, but am I the only one a little concerned that if we burn every body we come across, that we’re kinda wasting nutrients?”

“I agree. We should ask each other questions that only humans will know the answers to. I will give my answers now: A sporting team. Kissing. You don’t bury the survivors. A different sporting team. The name of the President. Okay, now you go.”