Duskwall Residents (Blades in the Dark sketches

The Bishop of Antlers: Most often seen as a horned silhouette on rooftops, this bandit works with the local orphan community to organize thievery (when the orphans aren’t too busy kicking rat corpses for sport). The antlers are from a stuffed stag head that can be worn on the head or back and are festooned with keys on rings & strings that match the locks of innumerable hidey holes, save houses, previously robbed locales.

Gray Caps: A faction consisting of mushroom farmers, known for their facility at disposing of unwanted bodies via their dark and private grow caves.

Leviathan: A pit fighter, named after the demon-blooded ocean inhabitants. Has someone’s tooth stuck in their forehead. Mouth leaks black viscous liquid. Has probably had an unfortunate encounter with leviathan blood that has marked them in some way.