Face Fae

Name(s): Face Fae | Face-Grabbers | “The New Relations”

Description (Appearance) The Face Fae look like normal humans. Which is part of the problem, as their facial features are entirely “borrowed” from humans who would otherwise have been happy continuing with the use of their own face.

Common behaviors Once a child comes to the point of adulthood, and has the misfortune of living near one of the seaside cavernous networks that Face Fae prefer to live in, they may awake one morning and find their face entirely missing. People living in affected areas tend to invest time and effort into developing and maintaining an artisanal mask-making industry, both for aesthetics and general mental/emotional well-being, as finding oneself without one’s face can be fairly off-putting. Those afflicted merely select a beautiful replacement mask and carry on with their new crafted face as best they can.

Most often encountered in: Near oceans, in the sort of caverns that can be carved out by aeons of tides and waves, such as those found by Green-Rolls-to-Ebon (which is where I made most of my study.)

To ensure a safe encounter (advice): One can wear a mask, firmly affixed in the back, during all waking and sleeping hours. The Face Fae, while deft enough to remove features without waking their sleeping victims, have not the dexterity to untangle knots. (If only one’s home could be latched safe with knots… but somehow they find a way in through cracks and gaps.) Should one encounter a Face Fae wearing one’s former features, it is considered polite and safest to treat them as a “relative,” greeted with a “Hullo, [Uncle/Auntie, etc.], to stay in their good graces, as they can be quite nasty in a scrap.