Hold Music


Was on a call with a work colleague, waiting for our clients to join, listening to the smooth jazz/pop wait music, IMing to pass the time, free-associating about what the music evoked.

Work Colleague: music?

Me: sun chips commercial music
Me: boring white people white water rafting music

Work Colleague: no it’s not. is it!
Work Colleague: haha
Work Colleague: perfect

Me: retirement community montage music

Work Colleague: slow motion smiling at each other

Me: old couple sharing a bath and wine at sunset music

Work Colleague: hahaha

Work Colleague: “we’ve still got it” <–tagline

Me: “ask your doctor if XXXX is right for you” music

Work Colleague: you’re killing me haha

Me: car on a winding highway, some lady’s bare foot out the passenger window music

And then the clients started the meeting.