I forgot to study!

had that nightmare again where I was supposed to be “studying the blade” while everyone else did cool stuff but I hadn’t ever taken my sword out of the box and I’m at sword-finals and I’m gonna fail

while your teeth were falling out and you were at school with no clothes on, I was (supposed to be) studying the blade

Gentlemen’s Swash! Pirate Parry, sneaky! Pirate Parry, bold! The Ol’ Razzmatazz! Big Swing-a-rooni! Thrust-o! Stabby! L’il stabby! Huz-ZAH!

The Pope’s Left-Hander! Ha! Elliot’s Sword Wiggle! Overhand Broccoli Bash! Underhand Twinkle Block! (please, please let one of these be right, I’m in so much sword-debt)