Infomercial: lost time incident


What if I told you: You could have a newsletter from Michael Van Vleet in your inbox, possibly on some sort of schedule, for less than you’re currently paying for your monthly electricity bill?

Is this you?

[A woman sits down at a laptop and, with the use of a claw-backed hammer, removes all the keys. She shreds napkins and lets them fall on the jagged remains of the keyboard, forming tiny paper-drifts, turning her laptop’s base into a faux winter wonderland.]

I can help!

By signing up for “lost time incident”, the new newsletter from signalstation industries, you could go from this: [a child’s illustration of a clown poking out from beneath a bed] To this! [the same child’s illustration, but now with a giant red circle and slash drawn across it]

But how?

Sign up now and at the end of this very weekend, you’ll get your first installment of Michael’s new writing experiment! You can unsubscribe at any time, of course, but [the sound of bows being dragged shakily across violin strings and the children’s drawing of an under-bed clown approaches while shaking violently].

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