Oh, you’ve been to concerts?

Made merrye have I on many occasion, but of all these arrayed tales lurks an single instance wherein have I covered truth in deception’s cloake as a hunter hoods his hawk, confounding you by a false night!

1) The baiting of bear, which slewe two great slaves from the Northlynds
2) A jester, covered in filth, speaking against the king
3) A soft-headed friendly fool who aite a score of eggs to much acclaim
4) A philosopher, drunk in a ditch, urinated upon by my own selfe among many
5) A trump and flute duo: Melryn and The Hound
6) A turnip that looked like the Manor Lorde
7) My children, felled by The Plague, appearing in hovering form and forgiving me my ill tempers and every trespass I made against them in life
8) A party, erupted by occasion on the burning of a landlord’s home
9) Howling at the moon, enraged by something in our bread
10) The Spice Girls

Can’st thou guess which are true and which would fetch me time i’ the stocks?