okay venture capitalists

hello venture capitalists what I have for you today is a chance to sign on to my start-up which is called “Change Your Name and Move to a Town Where No One Knows Yu”

we drop the “o” out of the word “you” so we can trademark it

anyway the deal is you join this social network & we tell you what town to go to & we set up your friends network of strangers who don’t know or like you but you’ve left your other troubles behind and inherited all new troubles like in the good ol’ days

okay who’s in


hello venture capitalists, welcome to my pitch for my start-up called ‘hey let’s start wearing the skins of animals and living like animals i’ll go frst”

we leave the “i” out of “first” so we can trademark the name

how it works is: i dress in animal skins and become an animal and all my complicated human problems are gone, and then other people do it too and the world is a zoo where money has no meaning

okay who’s in? maybe you, the person who already looks like a badger?