R.IP I.n P.eace

RIP Barbara Bush, the country’s first First Lady, inventor of the bird bath, hero of The Battle of Bloodshot Gulch, 1938 flying disc gold medal champion in the Bombay Flying Disc competition, the only person to have ever eaten an entire bear, and the face of the 100-cent penny.

Did you know?!?

Among her children are: A US President, a Pirate King, a Cyborg Astronaut, a Whispy Ghost, a Thing of Teeth, a Pair of Pigment-Free Twins, a Rock, and an Assistant Manager of an Iced Cream Parlour?

It’s true!

Did you know?!?

When asked about what society owes to its poorest members, she was quoted as saying “Girrum a-starbing inner vickles if’n chance awllers!”

Wise words from a wise woman.