The Signal: EP116

The Signal: EP116 – Composed in a cafe in the international terminal of San Francisco Int’l airport (SFO). You’d think that might lead to an international travel theme, but it didn’t. It lead to the usual: 45 minutes of eclectic music from around the world. There’s a lot of instrumental stuff this time out, but we still fit in some rock and roll from Cambodia and a something-or-otherĀ from Morocco.

As ever, the file will be available for a limited time, so click the image or link above to grab a copy. You can decide later if you want to keep it. It’s 45 minutes of music that I personally vouch for. It’s a good time. Plus, you can’t beat the price.

Notes are below. I’m going to write them slightly later than these words you’re currently reading, but you won’t notice, because you’re in the future, when I’ve already found a free outlet at SFO to plug in and recharge.

01. Oh my gosh… I’ve been playing the heck out of this track ever since the album came out. There’s a very cool, slow-moving music video for it as well that you should check out. Give it time. It startsĀ really slow but then starts introducing some interesting visual elements.

02. I am so digging this singer’s voice. She kinda reminds me of Curt Cobain in a way. If you listen to Nirvana’s Unplugged there are several moments were Curt goes for notes outside of his range, but the way his voice goes gravelly and fails to make it adds a nice earnest tone to his covers. I hear something similar happening here.

03. We go from a waitress’s tale to an ode to pizza. Makes a certain kinda sense.

04. Discovered this beatmaker just by poking around on Bandcamp. There’s some real jewels in there, hidden among the torrent of recorded talent. So there, I saved you some time finding this one.

05. More from Bandcamp. I’m still listening to some vaporwave, but I’m getting pickier as time goes on. Relationships evolve, even with super-self-conscious subgenres of plunderphonic music.

06. Triumphant club scene from an early 90s movie, maybe? It’s evocative of something…

07. I warned you there was lots of instrumental stuff this time out. The slow build on this track is great… I could have seen myself opening a Signal mix with it. Too late now!

08. This indie rock sound does it for me every time.

09. And near the end, I remember that we usually fit at least a few international sounds in here, especially when we’re about to travel internationally, so here’s something interesting from Morocco.

10. And something interesting from Cambodia.

11. Ending with something a bit experimental instead of the usual “something a little melancholy.” Kind of echoes the noise of track 5, but with vocals that remind me a bit of Thom Yorke’s. Or maybe one of those Massive Attack guys. You know the guy I’m thinking of.

That’s it for now. 30 minutes from now, I can go check my bag. Then, whenever I feel like dealing with it, the TSA is waiting. *sigh*