The Signal: EP122


The Signal: EP122 – When the growth hormones kick in, that’s when the music mix really sprouts up. Nothing fits anymore. This time out, we’ve got French psychorama (if that’s a thing), rockabilly from outer space, punk from the undead, funk from New Orleans and much, much more. If that sounds interesting, click on the image to get to the download link.

The file is posted for a limited time. If you want to know artist/song titles, that information is in the id3 tags of the file itself. Most mp3 playing software can read that info for you. I have a few notes below about the process, should that be of interest.



01. This track got the pole position just because I like the bombastic opening, undercut with a coughing fit.

02. This guy’s got a lot of fun, crude stuff. Of which I have next to nothing. Music’s not cheap, okay? But I like you guys enough to buy a single just to get a Signal mix started with some energy. Heard of them years ago from WFMU. Was recently reminded that they existed by social media and shared a cable access show on FB. Maybe you saw it?

03. And we keep the energy going with lo-fi punks who for the longest time refused to release on anything but vinyl… and poorly mastered. Gotta admire the strength of loyalty to the aesthetic.

04. Instant good mood music. Comes from an out-of-print, hard to find compilation of New Orleans funk music. Really shouldn’t have been allowed to fall out of print.

05. Bandcamp is full of people creating beats. Lucky for us.

06. I wish more people knew about this band. They’re fun, damn it.

07. Found this one via the method of loading a bunch of instrumental comps onto my mp3 player and marking the ones I like during my commute.

08. Perhaps the best musical anti-vehicle recommendation ever recorded.

09. More beats from Bandcamp.

10. More beats from Bandcamp!

11. It’s not surprising that it happened– that 80s style would come back. But I am tickled by artists who recreate the technological limitations of the decade as well… much like soul singers recording themselves on vintage mics, I guess.

12. Of course I like the beat, the MC, but… what really catches my ear on this one is there’s a buzzing sound that sounds a bit like a blown out speaker that comes in every once in a while that is either a wonderful accident or a clever way of making a track sound louder than it really is.

13. Courtesy of an old episode of Sifl & Olly from back in the day.

14. Been a while since we’ve had an interesting cover version.

15. A representative sample of the vaporwave stuff I’m still listening to– and sometimes wondering why I’m listening to it.


That’s it for this installment. The music will mostly have to speak for itself. I put this together over several days, but I hope I maintained a listenable through-line. If you like the mix… good. If you don’t, let me know via postcard within 18 days of listening.