The Signal: EP123


The Signal: EP123 – Easy as A-B-C, it’s our one hundred and twenty-third installment. Don’t worry. You don’t have to have listened to the first 122 to understand this one. It’s just music. There’s no continuity. It’s just 45 minutes (exactly) of songs that go well together according to the person who put them together— and to be honest, he’s kinda biased, so see for yourself. Right-click the image or link at the start of this paragraph to download.

The link to the mix would usually be available for a limited time, but we’re sort of in-between hosting solutions, so you might luck out. This file might still be there even if you’re reading this in the distant future, during a break from foraging for food or hiding from roving gangs of Water Bandits. Good luck out there, future Signal-kateers! Stay safe! Stay underground!

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About half the artists here can be found on Bandcamp, so if you hear something you like, there’s more where that came from.

01. This band is funky as all get out. You have to be pretty funky to get away with a song about a funky chicken. Some of the best funk to come out of New Orleans.

02. Some of the best funk to come out of the realms beyond time. This song just came out, but there are so many decades that it could have come from. If you told me it was from the 70s, I’d believe you. 80s? I’d believe you. 90s? Well, I’d probably start wondering how the same song came out in so many decades, so for the sake of fooling me, you should just pick one.


05. To appreciate a song you’ve heard so many times it’s in your DNA, let someone chop it up and leave in just two of the original lyrics. A recipe for reinvention.

06. From Japan, bass, snare rushes and the occasional sound from a Windows OS.

07. I like to think the narrator of this song just learned that he was a lot more flexible about gender than he thought he was.


09. At this point in the mix, I stalled out and was just clicking through music I hadn’t listened to in years. I think it worked out.

11. Again… digging deep in the collection. More guilty pleasure music made slightly hipper by cutting and glitching it up.


That’s it for this installment. Are you back in your underground shelter, chewing on a 3 year old granola bar? Hand-winding your electrical generator to fuel whatever technology is going to play these mp3s? That’s kind of you. You probably should use that power for air conditioning, from what we know back in this era about the coming climate change, but… you know your priorities better than we do.