The Signal: EP124


The Signal: EP124 – If you were waiting for the 124th episode of The Signal mixes to join us, well, today’s your lucky day. We’ve finally made it. We’ve designed this mix specifically for individuals who like number sequences that increase by successive powers of 2.

It’s 45 minutes of music, available for download if you click the image or link above, or you can play it embedded on this page if you like. That’s new. We’re trying a new hosting solution this time out, so send along feedback if you like/hate it. I think the file will stay available for 30 days after the last time it’s downloaded, so if you try the link above and it’s not there… try being within a 30 day window of the last person who downloaded it next time. The tracklist is available in the id3 tags or to mailing list subscribers (on that, more below).

We’ve got English folk tunes and electronic beats, hip hop and soul, R&B and Latin-infused beats, garage rock, and bedroom pop.  Enjoy!

As a reminder, if you want to be among the first people on the planet to know that there’s a new Signal mix, you can sign up for the mailing list here:   Benefits include early notification, a full track list, and access to a permanent archive URL for long after the file above has disappeared from its free webhost location.