The Signal: EP125


The Signal: EP125 – 45 minutes of quiet-loud-quiet, with melodies and those things that go bing-bang-bong. Every song as perfectly matched as a sandwich & pickle. There’s a guarantee you won’t find anywhere else. Except in a deli, I guess.

This time out, we’ve got some Satanic gospel, vaporwave, punk, experimental hip hop, global bass & dancehall, Russians playing 50s-style rock, a calypso legend, Peruvian folk, Japanese dreampop remixed and more! And it does get noisy!

You can either listen right or, if you want a copy of your very own, you can download the mp3 by clicking on the image above or the link provided. It will be available for only a limited time so if you just got here, months after I type these very words, and it’s not there… well, life is full of disappointment, isn’t it? Savor your salty tears and be glad you feel anything at all, for infinities stretch before and after us when we’ll feel nothing. Also: check the id3 tags for the track-listing.

Or, you want the track-listing, access to a permanent download URL, and to be among the first people on the planet to know there’s a new mix, you can always sign up and join The Tuned In, a mailing list for fans of The Signal.

I think that’s everything you need to know.

So now you know.