The Signal: EP126


The Signal: EP126 – 45 minutes of rainy day music, counter-programmed against the sun outside. Okay, except for the upbeat Latin jazz, that’s pretty seasonally appropriate. And the electro funk is pretty fun as well. Okay, I take it back. We’ve got all-weather jams.

You’ll hear electronic beats, grime from the UK, astro-pop from California, Peruvian- and Indian-infused dubstep, Latin jazz, music from West Africa, and Brazil.

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Normally down here I would put some notes about the tracks if I have anything worth sharing about them. But with this installment, there’s not much to point out.


06.  I asked a friend of mine in India if she could confirm that the vocals in this track were Hindi, because it almost sounded like it to me. She said actually, it’s Sanskrit. The vocals are sampled from a couplet asking Ganesha for aid. Not the whole thing. Just a few words, looped. I suppose it’s possible the musician didn’t know what it meant and just liked the sound of it. My Indian friend said she remembered having to recite the lines in school. How about that?

8. And this track takes me right back to roller-skating as a kid in San Jose, CA, in the 80s. Musical time machine…

Anyway, hope you dig it.