The Signal: EP130


The Signal: EP130 – Mesmerizing sounds from beyond the stars. You know. In the sense that we’re all from beyond the stars, made of star stuff, Big Bang-kinda business. We base all of our hyperbole on science around here. It’s 45 minutes of music from around the world, available for download for a limited time only.

This time out, we’ve got global bass/trap from Chicago, grime from the UK, religious music from Ghana, afrobeat from Nigeria, ska from Spain, retrosynth, vaporwave, rock tinged with depression, and a guided meditation. What more could you want?

As with all of our previous mixes, the track list is embedded in the file itself, in its id3 tags, so you can look up the original artists. Alternately, if you want the best experience, you should sign up to join The Tuned In. Members of that mailing list are the first people on the planet to know there’s a new mix. Plus, they get the playlist, a permanent archive link, and secret behind-the-scenes knowledge.