welcome to canada (dream journal)

Last night’s dream:

I was visiting Canada for the first time and found that its streets were peopled with roaming packs of adherents to various world faiths. Lots of roaming packs of men wearing robes, bearded, and with sect-appropriate headwear.

Stopped by the stand of a street-side baker whose sloped piles of sweet confections caught my eye. The baker was dressed like a Catholic priest and I found, to my dismay, that by purchasing a few rolls, I had also opted in to be struck several times by a flogging whip to cleanse me of my sins as well. It was some sort of combo deal, I guess.

I also got a cell phone call reminding me to watch a local cable access show called Two for Toonie, where I could see local Canadian bands perform, two per episode. The reception would be staticky, but it’s important to take in the local culture while abroad.