what is this even

A club where the password is changed with every breath: Members meet in the lobby, ears pressed to the door, hoping to hear the doorman whisper the passphrase through the keyhole and then repeat it back quickly enough to be let in. A haunted house where ghosts are made of unpaid bills. A new national holiday called Where Is Tim? There are billboards. Tim grows a mustache in preparation and fuels a boat. All sandals are 10% off. Hi! How are you.

The discovery that your bones have a yearbook and they all signed encouraging notes to each other. The world’s last milkman and the world’s most indulgent cow and a tiny cottage where a Victrola plays a single yodeling song: domestic bliss. The lark and the elm and the ants. Wind scatters snapshots of a young couple & their puppets: Mr. Ears. Timothy Tiger. He-Tastes-Secrets. An unnamed bear. The photos are on a film type they don’t make anymore. We’re still here. You’re still here.