witch tokens

Witch coins can be felt, but not seen, except under certain circumstances, so their valuation is often taken on trust and verified later. Yes, this leaves open the opportunity for fraud, but those who engage in fraudulent witch coin transactions— or are even accused credibly enough— can find themselves hounded out of markets and locked out of easy/profitable trade opportunities.

To view the denomination of a witch coin, one must:

  1. Submerge it in mare urine and peer through the murky fluid
  2. Let the coin be touched by reflected moonlight
  3. Leave the coin in the mouth of an old woman for a day, reading it on their tongue once night falls
  4. Hire a blind numismatist whose delicate fingers can trace the invisible etched value
  5. Spend it and then sell back what was bought, in a symbolic circular transaction, so the value glows briefly on second receipt
  6. Rattle it in a witch drum and count the bounces as it settles