WITCHES TOWN: Now available

WITCHES TOWN cover image

For the low, low price of Pay-What-You-Want, it’s my latest microfiction collection WITCHES TOWN!

Weird locales! Bogs and caves! Monsters and ghosts! Jokes! A PDF/epub/mobi .zip file like the pros use!

If your heart can stand it, you can download/purchase it here:

An entire microfiction from the book for our delight and amazement:


We thought it’d be simple: a little blood, some petals, a bit of chanting and you’ve got a garden that can move and talk.

Instead: Visibility is terrible as the pollen fog collects in drifts. I am so covered in pollen I look like a bee’s hind legs. Children, as they sleep, produce mucus in such astounding quantities that they need to be chipped free from their beds in the morning.

And still the golems won’t stop making out.