The Signal: EP118


The Signal: EP118 – Exactly 45 minutes of of synchronized brain-bopping for your listening pleasure. Don’t worry. Brains are more resilient than we tend to give them credit for.

This time out, we’ve got bass-heavy grime and indie rock from the UK, some beats from California, a track that combines Ethiopian jazz with reggae production, cumbia from Colombia, and lots of other good stuff. The file is only available for a limited time, so grab it while you can. The track-list can be found in the id3 tags of the mp3 and I’ve added a few notes below.

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Rural Decay

IM with work colleague who was asking about my upcoming vacation plans

Work Colleague: goin somewhere exotic?

M Van Vleet: The exact opposite. Indiana.

Work Colleague: hey watch it…i was born there

M Van Vleet: And you got out.

Work Colleague: there are exotic parts

M Van Vleet: If you say so.
M Van Vleet: Does “rural decay” count as exotic?

Work Colleague: nah, i don’t really know. i was 1 yr old when we left


M Van Vleet: A photo from downtown Princeton where my wife is from.
M Van Vleet: Taken during a visit 2 years back.

Work Colleague: lovely

M Van Vleet: Closed 2-screen theater just 1 block from the downtown square, which is usually 1/4 to 1/3 empty storefronts.

Work Colleague: i see the decay now

M Van Vleet: There’s abandoned gas stations. Briefly, it looked like one of them was being used for a guy to sell meat out of, once a week. Had posted hours.
M Van Vleet: Didn’t work out, though.

Work Colleague: yeah, i hear meat coming out of a pump tastes really bad….worse than the canned cheese

M Van Vleet: Thin line between “entrepreneur” and “maniac with underground meat storage tanks”


Hold Music


Was on a call with a work colleague, waiting for our clients to join, listening to the smooth jazz/pop wait music, IMing to pass the time, free-associating about what the music evoked.

Work Colleague: music?

Me: sun chips commercial music
Me: boring white people white water rafting music

Work Colleague: no it’s not. is it!
Work Colleague: haha
Work Colleague: perfect

Me: retirement community montage music

Work Colleague: slow motion smiling at each other

Me: old couple sharing a bath and wine at sunset music

Work Colleague: hahaha

Work Colleague: “we’ve still got it” <–tagline

Me: “ask your doctor if XXXX is right for you” music

Work Colleague: you’re killing me haha

Me: car on a winding highway, some lady’s bare foot out the passenger window music

And then the clients started the meeting.