No Mercy Project

No Mercy printed vs ink No Mercy pencils/inks/printed No Mercy word/pencils/ink No Mercy taco bell pee


Story By: Alex de Campi
Art By: Carla Speed McNeil

I thought it might be interesting to display an “idea to execution” framed set of page one of No Mercy #1 from Image Comics. On the left is page one in script form from de Campi, followed by McNeil’s pencils, then inks.  Many thanks to both artists for their participation!

Single Panel Comic Strip

In front of an outdoor canvas tent, a trio of bears wearing party hats share an awkward moment facing three older gentlemen who are dressed in lederhosen and holding steins. We can see the tail end of a banner with the letters “…r Fest.”

One of the two bears behind the lead bear is leaning to its companion, making air quotes with its massive claws, murmuring “Watch him blame this on AutoCorrect.”

She Keeps Standing Up

A private eye talks to a palm reader, hoping she can help him locate a lady living in the same building the psychic is working out of. After the private eye admits who he’s looking for:

She stood up. “Who sent you?”

“Nobody. I just thought you might be able to help.”

“Don’t know the name, mister. I just moved in here last year.”

“But I thought you might be able to use your divination—”

“Crap!” She stood up. “You a copper?”

“No. I’m an agent…”

from Shooting Star by Robert Bloch.


Olive Garden’s Sincere Regrets


Man, the internet is weird.

Someone out there has to pretend to be a restaurant and they’re just trying to get people to buy pasta. Then someone comes along who wants to share about their deceased sister, because talking to chain restaurants comes somewhere around the “acceptance” stage of grief now, apparently.

Now the bar is set. If at least three brands don’t offer their condolences when I’m gone, I’m going to feel like a failure. And I don’t mean on social media. I want someone at the ceremony, in cosplay, looking solemn, shaking hands… throwing in some free appetizers.

“What yall’s didn’t know was that the ACTUAL Mark o’ the Beast is a blue verified checkmark on ya Twitter. Uh huh. You live tweet from them FEMA camps! See how that goes for ya!”