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What if I told you: You could have a newsletter from Michael Van Vleet in your inbox, possibly on some sort of schedule, for less than you’re currently paying for your monthly electricity bill?

Is this you?

[A woman sits down at a laptop and, with the use of a claw-backed hammer, removes all the keys. She shreds napkins and lets them fall on the jagged remains of the keyboard, forming tiny paper-drifts, turning her laptop’s base into a faux winter wonderland.]

I can help!

By signing up for “lost time incident”, the new newsletter from signalstation industries, you could go from this: [a child’s illustration of a clown poking out from beneath a bed] To this! [the same child’s illustration, but now with a giant red circle and slash drawn across it]

But how?

Sign up now and at the end of this very weekend, you’ll get your first installment of Michael’s new writing experiment! You can unsubscribe at any time, of course, but [the sound of bows being dragged shakily across violin strings and the children’s drawing of an under-bed clown approaches while shaking violently].

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In the near future, I’ve decided I’m going to put together and maintain a mailing list. Over a year ago, I put out an ebook, mostly composed of old works of fiction, and I’ve yet to have a solid idea for what writing project to work on next. Having a regular, free form writing outlet will, I’m hoping, help with that process.

So the plan is: If you sign up for this email list, you’ll get autobio updates, short pieces, quick thumbnail reviews of media and a free cat. (First come, first serve on the free cat. You don’t even need to subscribe, I’ll give this cat away to anyone.)

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The Signal: EP121


The Signal: EP121 – It’s pouring outside and the apartment is quiet. A cat tries to find the most imposing position possible that it can use to sit on me. On top of everything else, now there’s 45 minutes of music from around the world, available for download. What an age we live in.

This installment, you’ll be hearing some unique sounds from South Africa, rock from Hungary, Canadian pop about California, rocksteady from Jamaica, funky music from the U.S. and France, an avant garde vocal ensemble, vaporwave from New York, and a homemade blend of sketch comedy with plunderphonic Hawaiian vibes. If that sounds at all interesting, click on the link or image above to get yourself a copy.

The file is posted for a limited time. If you want to know artist/song titles, that information is in the id3 tags of the file itself. Most players can read that info for you. I have a few notes below about the process, should that be of interest.

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The Signal: EP120

The Signal: EP120

The Signal: EP120 – Closing out the year with one final 45-minute mix of music for any and all creatures that are able to translate the vibration of air molecules against any sort of internal ear-like structure into anything understandable.

The file is posted for a limited time only, so if you suspect it’s something you might want to listen to while you live in a society capable of supplying you with electricity and free time, then download it now, please. When we all return to subsistence farming in a drought-ridden post-peak-oil wasteland, you don’t want to have the regret of missing the 120th installment of a series of music mixes, do you?

The track list is embedded in the file itself, in the id3 tags. Your mp3 player should allow you to take a look.

Also, if you like these mixes, tell your friends about ’em. And heck, if you’ve not done so, let me know! I don’t have any stats on how many of these things get downloaded so honestly I have no idea how many folks are out there listening. Sure, I could do something about it, by it’s much easier to live with mystery.

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