a predefined list of acceptable magical familiars

Anyhow, yeah, all the rejected magical familiars– the gulls, the snails, the painted moths, the urchins (land & sea), the hummingbirds, the shouting birds, the crested sharks, the flea adepts– they’ve teamed up, formed their own magical academy, learned each others’ animal languages, mastered the arcane arts, and then they came back and put all of us in a zoo with our unvaried menageries of familiars: our black cats and our crows and whatnot.

That’s how it happened, and that’s why we wizards are here, behind bars, and why every other bug & bird you see out there in the village has a wizard hat on.


If you have a word with them, would you let them know that we’re definitely devoted now to the idea of diversity when choosing animal companions to imbue with our eldritch powers? We’ve all learned the value of inclusion and would like to come out now.

Thank you.