Baby Teeth Warehouse

Here at Baby Tooth Warehouse, we get asked one question the most often:

How can you provide such low low prices on teeth?

The answer: VOLUME.

At Baby Tooth Warehouse, our buyers compete in the Far Kingdom’s Tooth Fairy Markets to bring you the BEST prices on top shelf baby teeth!

These specialist buyers spend YEARS in the Far Kingdom on our customers’ behalf (though it only seems like weeks have passed to those of us still here at the corporate office… and thank goodness, because the overtime costs would eat up all that dental profit!).

When our buyers return to the modern world, dazed and disheveled, their families hardly recognize them! But I’ll tell you what DOES get recognized: Those good, good bargains here at Baby Tooth Warehouse!

Please. Please just buy baby teeth from us. Our buyers have sacrificed so much. They had no idea what they were in for. We don’t warn them… the bargains are too important. Our customers are too important.