Role-Playing Game Writing

illustration: a young girl with pigtails flees from angry bees

A non-exhaustive list of RPG projects by Michael Van Vleet


Devil, Aim For Me
Weird West scenario, Rooted in Trophy.
[ and also in French] [DriveThruRPG]

Gothic horror scenario, Rooted in Trophy.
[] [print: Plus One EXP]

Moon’s Shot
Silly adventure scenario, Troika!

The Alluring
Horror exploration scenario, Trophy Gold
[] [DriveThruRPG]

Trophy Golf
Optional golf rules for Trophy Gold.
[] [DriveThruRPG]

Good Buy, Cruel World
Mall-walking mystery scenario, Brindlewood Bay.

The Quick and the Grave
Rules-light game about graverobbing.
[] [also in Russian]

Cordially Invited
Trifold incursion, Trophy Dark.


Trophy Dark by Jesse Ross
“A Warm and Pleasant Hum
[DriveThruRPG] [Spanish ver. from The Hills]

Trophy Gold by Jesse Ross
“A Heart Hums in Darkness”
Roots of Old Kalduhr: “The Ten-in-One”

Trophy Loom by Jesse Ross
Bright-Teeth Assyrio
Monstrous Signs, Wards, and Calls
The Hive, Giants, The Fae, Spirits
[DriveThruRPG] [Spanish ver. from The Hills]

Brindlewood Bay by Jason Cordova
“You Can Lead a Horse to Murder” (Nephews in Peril)
“Squatch Your Step” (Patreon release)

Public Access by Jason Cordova
“Greetings, Travelers” (base game)
Odyssey Tapes: “Sculpt Box Socrates Caller Warning” and “Static Woman Live Interview”

Token by Gabriel Robinson
“Asleep Not Dreaming”
[] [DriveThruRPG]

Butter Princess by Brian Sago
Various, including “Butter Golem.”
[] [DriveThruRPG]

Pick Me by Brian Sago
Various, including Smashbot Inferno and Li’l Miss Bedazzled.
[] [DriveThruRPG]


The Wassailing of Claus Manor with Mike Martens and Brian Sago
Claus family trouble tracks, mansion locations.

Troika City Vermin Friends with Madeleine Ember
Factions and scenario seed ideas for Troika!

Dying in Space with Mags Maenad
Two play-to-lose sci-fi/comedy games in one!