Drug Dens of Duskwall

a few scattered notes for the world of Blades in the Dark

Silky’s – a drug den & flop house where patrons are welcome to ingest their preferred dream-inducing drugs and are then placed into thin, soft sleeping bags that are hoisted up to form hammocks and cocoons at various heights from the ceiling, thus fitting more dozing customers than the floor space might otherwise allow

Deep Water – a drug den & flop house where patrons are treated to an exclusive experience: they take a drug that allows them to psychically merge with an enormous spark octopus that leaves in a submerged enclosure in the middle of the building. Those on “ceph” are treated to an hour of calm warmth, soft burbling, the swaying of their tentacles, and a deep thrumming of the spark octopuses thoughts. This spark octopus has plans, though. It’s picked up enough from the minds of dreamers to know that if he can get them to build it a Hull, it could become a major power in this stranger world above the waves, subsuming the will of its foes with psychic power, electrically amplified with leviathan blood.