Top Video Games 2018 Official Rankings [SUBSCRIBE]

1) Moon Bullets vs Moon Faces

2) Hand Holding Simulator [Regency Edition]

3) Panthor The Jungle Fist Learns the Alphabet

4) WWII Baked Goods Ration Party

5) Pill Gobble Ghost Fighter the Dating Sim

My mom won’t let me buy games, so I played all these with construction paper and they’re the best, don’t forget to like comment and donate to orphans.

In Pill Gobble Ghost Fighter, you play a pill-gobbling ghost fighter who’s trying to put their ghost fighting life behind them, but the trauma involved makes dating difficulty. It’s hard to find common ground, and pills are a harsh mistress both physically and economically. So there’s a lot of stats to juggle:


In WWII Baked Goods Ration Party, the clock is ticking between bombing runs and you want to host the best bomb shelter party, but cooking supplies are tightly rationed.

It’s a point and click where you talk to all the people in the bomb shelter, run fetch quests, etc. to get them to surrender their stamp booklets so you can get eggs, flour, milk etc. and bake a cake.

In the final level you have to build a big enough cake to take out Hitler.