game concept: alien zoo

Game concept:
A Jar, A Leaf, A Twig
Natural Habitat

Players are in a zoo for humans. Amazing tech has simulated a human environment, but there are hints that show that things aren’t as they seem (which can be collected as a meta-currency to find a way out). Game scenarios can/should be written by writers representing a particular subculture that not everyone playing is familiar with: a Christian summer camp, a hawker fair in Singapore, a research lab, an American mall.

Players must pick up clues like “a youth counselor would not be playing Metallica on acoustic guitar” or “shu mai would not be served with avocado as a primary ingredient” and then find their way out of their cage.

Every X play sessions, they may find themselves actually back on Earth, to “keep them healthy.” This will either be very frustrating or very paranoia-inducing.

Playbooks could include:
The Blackfish – gain advantage if you can identify and kill a zookeeper
The Breeding Pair – gain advantage when working as a team
The Mascot – gain advantage from zookeepers ’cause you’re so cute