It’s Friday!

It’s Friday and we all know what that means! It’s the day of the week when the Select must travel to the well and confirm that the silver nails driven into the soil that cap the pit are intact. A careful count, verified by three parties, and if any nails are missing, they must be replaced. A quick summoning of the Mistress of Soft Oak so we can give thanks (the gift of two favorite memories, gone forever) for her part in sealing the well and we’re ready for the weekend!


This is why the Select have a rotating membership. By the time any of their number are left with a head full of neutral grey memories, they’re replaced with someone else who’s lived a life of delight: caresses, tongue sweetness, soft lights, etc.

Then the new member is slowly stripped of that accumulated joy to protect the village. Every debt must be paid, or so it’s said. And chanted. And sung in rotating choruses for weeks on end when the nights grow long.