okay, yes, I’m rewatching The Matrix

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Through most scenes in The Matrix, Keanu Reeves can be seen playing the role of “Neo,” when in fact this role should have been given to “Weird Al” Yankovic.

When The Matrix came out, pill technology didn’t exist yet. Only 90s kids remember how medicines used to be delivered via medical staplers, or derma-toads, until scientists inspired by the Wachowskis learned how to squeeze medicine into tiny balls you could swallow.

Did you know… ?
The character of Trinity in The Matrix was so named as a reference to two additional
planned sequels to the film that unfortunately were never made.

The character of Neo was named after knees (“Knee-oh.”) Attentive viewers will note the character has two, about mid-leg.

Did you know… ?
Sending in a ticket stub for The Matrix as well as two soup can labels to a WB PO Box, fans of the hit film could order a secret third soundtrack on compact digital disc, which included rare tracks such as:

Three Goat DJs – “Roof Jumpin’ Criminals”
The Whoahs – “Whoah”
Eddie Sentient Program – “Rejected Love Theme for The Crow”
Ras Zombie – “Dragula Dub”