b-movies for Codex miscellany

Dracula: Blood of Bunyan (1976) – This bicentennial bite-fest, filmed in the Philippines, relocates American folk hero Paul Bunyan to the jungle where he clashes with Dracula (Filipino film star Antonio Ocampo) and his paramilitary vampire strike force. Best Kill: As a swarm of bats, Dracula enters Babe the Blue Ox’s mouth, then pushes on Babe’s stomach (a practical effect built with blue stretchy latex), Dracula’s face and claws distending the belly before tearing out, dumping gallons of blood and Ocampo’s stunt double.

Sn’otters (1986) – Equal parts a horror movie and a promotional vehicle to sell plastic figurines of otters in small tubs of slime, this movie’s ecological message was buried somewhere under eruptions of goo and slithery river mammal attacks. The plot was basic: Industrialists dump toxic goo in river, affected otters kill men in suits. Best Kill: CEO Hoyleman’s shareholder call is interrupted as a sn’otter slides down a conference table and into his mouth, back legs scrabbling. Then an obvious replacement Hoyleman head in close-up is inflated with slime until it erupts out the eyes, ears and mouth in jets.