Piloting Eggbert: An Asynchronous Chat Game

Eggbert (in femme configuration) | artist: @RAPIDPUNCHES

So… I kinda wrote a game?

Some of you may remember that I started writing improvisational fiction on a Discord server a while back. Readers would vote on options and help guide the story I was coming up with.

But now I’ve got RPGs on the brain, so in a burst of creativity, I came up with the framework for a game that can be played by a chat room full of people who may drop in and out whenever, asynchronously.

It’s called PILOTING EGGBERT and the rules are here:

Eggbert is a human-shaped vessel, run by tiny aliens called Pilots. All players are Pilots (though they may perform other duties). The game is played by having a GM (“me”) write a scenario and challenge, then allow players to narrate what their Pilots are doing to steer Eggbert through the challenge.

Any player can be Pilot at any time. All they have to be is active in the chat room to claim primacy. This allows people to check into the chat room as they find time, with no pressure. If this sounds fun to you, there’s instructions for how to join in the linked document!