The Signal: EP128


The Signal: EP128 – 45 minutes of music from around the world, put together for bird-brains and the avian-adjacent. This time out, we’ve got sounds from the Middle East, cough syrup music from Spain, vocals and single string magic from Africa, the sounds of tennis rackets, rockabilly from Denmark, dub from Hungary, the saddest blues beyond words, and an industrial song reworked into Dylan-esque melancholy. Let’s get those wings flapping!

As with all of our previous 127 mixes, the file is going to be available only for a limited time, so if you want it, grab  yourself a copy. The track list is embedded in the file itself, if you want to go hunt down the original artists— and I hope you do— but if you want the best experience, you should sign up to join The Tuned In. Members of that mailing list are the first people on the planet to know there’s a new mix. Plus, they get the playlist, a permanent archive link, and secret behind-the-scenes knowledge.