The Signal: EP145

A header image of a popsicle being pulled from within a yellow fruit, the skin rupturing, and the logo for The Signal EP145

The Signal: EP145 – Exactly 45 minutes of the kind of music people like… people like you! Heh heh heh. Only joshin’ there, pardner. Your tastes are a mystery and you’re an alluring individual with a hidden core the world can only wonder about. But if you like pop music made with instruments and computers, some with curse words, or Argentinian trap music, or Swedish house music, or … music that sounds like maybe it was meant to be played backwards, but isn’t? We’ve got you covered.

Also, there’s a guy who never seems to have to breathe and he makes crazy sounds with his saxophone, so you don’t want to miss that.

Download by clicking on the link (or image) above. The file is available only for a limited time. If you’re interested in the tracklist, it’s in the mp3 itself, in the id3 tags. Or, if you sign up to be a member of our mailing list, The Tuned In, you’ll be among the first on the planet to know when a new mix is posted, and you’ll get a permanent archive link and the entire playlist, delivered to your inbox.

Oh, hey, do you do the Spotify thing? I made a Spotify playlist for The Signal: EP145. Why not?