The Young Adult Urban Fantasy Game

urban wizard

One of my coworkers has joined a YA book club for fun. I asked her about the book she was reading at the lunch table, already halfway through the story.

Coworker: It’s a book about magic, set in a world where there’s several Londons.

Me: Stacked on top of each other?

Coworker: They’re essentially in other dimensions. One of the dimensions doesn’t have any magic–

Me: And that’s the one we live in.

Coworker: That’s the one that corresponds most closely to our world, yeah. There’s also a Darkest London that’s been locked off.

Me: I bet by the end of the book, the protagonist is going to have to get in there.

Coworker: Well, sure.

Me: I bet the hero is not confident about their magic, but they’re the only person that can do it.

Coworker: There’s actually TWO main characters who are the only people who can move between worlds.

Me: … I wonder if one of them will betray the other.

Coworker: One of them has ALREADY betrayed the other!

Me: (fist pump) I am GOOD at this game.