Trivia Night

It’s Saturday night and we all know what that means! Time to gather in the village pub, drink intoxicants, and hold a lottery to determine who we’re going to feed to the basement thing, the teeth in the darkness, the community’s secret and shame.

This week, the lottery is a trivia contest, so if anyone knows a sequel that won Best Picture at the Oscars– apparently there’s two of them– it’ll get me out of last place and I’ll live to keep our secrets for at least one more week. Please. Please.

Spirite Hell Desert Belle: I know one of them is The Godfather Part II

oh thank you thank you thank you

I was so scared for a second there ’cause Gary buzzed in first and said “Godfather Part II” but it turns out it was a trick question because the Elders had decreed that all films are forbidden here– duh– and so Gary’s already been tumbled down the smooth steps into the growling dark.

The jukebox has been turned up and we’re all drinking to the sounds of Loretta Lynn and pretending that’s all we can hear.

I guess the rest of the trivia rounds are just for “funsies” now.